Window Film for Solar Protection and Energy Efficiency


Natural light provides a great environment for your workplace creating an ambience and energy, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. With natural light comes unwanted heat resulting in an uncomfortable workplace for employees and staff plus expensive energy bills when trying to combat the effects of heat coming through

your glass.


Heat Rejection:

With the application of solar control window film your workplace can become a much more comfortable working environment. With solar energy rejection of up to 82% a more temperature stable workplace can be created, reduction of hot spots creates an even temperature throughout the workplace. This can be all be achieved with the added bonus of a reduction of your energy expenses, cooling systems do not need to work as hard even on our hottest summer days. With rapidly rising energy costs this is an area that astute owners and managers are constantly reviewing.


Summer and Winter Energy Savings:

Window film technology is constantly evolving resulting in technically advanced films such as Low E Window films.  The feature of these film’s is Low Emissivity which in non technical terms means this film has the ability to bounce heat back into a room other than let it escape out through your windows. The ability to keep heat in is only found in Low E films. With total solar energy rejection of up to 77% during summer and winter heat loss reduction of up to 30%, Low E film saves on your energy costs all year round.


UV Protection:

Even indoors you can be exposed to excessive Ultraviolet light and heat, causing more harm than you realise. UV light and solar heat coming through windows can cause fading and irreparable damage to everything from your merchandise, furnishings and precious artefacts, to your very own skin. Solar control windows reject solar heat and block over 99% of harmful UV light, protecting your valuable assets and interior.


Security & Safety:

Security film developed overseas for extreme situations creates an invisible barrier over your glass against vandalism, break- ins, bomb blasts, looting and interior damage. Upon impact the glass is held together by the film therefore protecting people from flying shards of glass if the glass is actually damaged. Available in various thicknesses there is a film available suitable for your needs. Safety and Security films are also available with UV protection up to 99%, total solar energy rejected up to 79% and glare reduction up to 83%. With a combination of all these factors you can save not only on the costs of replacement of glass from vandalism and break- ins you can also save on cooling costs and replacement of items due to fading.



Graffiti is a depressing reality of life in a community and can be expensive and time consuming to remove, not to mention have an effect on the way people perceive the area.  Experts agree that in order to combat the demoralising effect graffiti can have, it is important to remove it as quickly as possible. Anti Graffiti film can be applied to glass and other flat surfaces like metal, Perspex and plastics. This product has a wipe clean scratch resistant coating which shrugs off most spray, paint and pen just using basic cleaning materials leaving the surface underneath untouched. The film is designed to take plenty of harsh punishment from continual removal of graffiti, and ultimately leaves you with a clean fresh environment.



Decorative window films provide total privacy with many smart designs within a workplace providing privacy internally, from the outside world or simply in areas like toilets and laundries. Decorative film can even incorporate your company’s logo giving a smart professional look to your premises. A low cost option to dress up your windows with a massive range of options from frosting films to decorative patterned films.


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