Solar control windows films for all applications.


The windows of your home provide natural light, great views and enhance the look, but provide a way in for summer heat and a way out for winter heat generated by your heating systems Tint King provide the following options:


    •  Heat rejection during our extreme summers

    •  Energy cost savings up to 40% all year round, keeping both heat in during

       winter and heat out during summer

    •  Up to 99% UV protection reducing fading of your furniture and prized assets

    •  Privacy, keep out prying eyes without hampering your views

    •  Safety films, protecting your family from intruders and the damage they

       leave behind

    •  Decorative film, making a feature of your glass and improving privacy

       where required

    •  Manufacturers backed warranties

    •  Professional advice, no-obligation free quotes and competitive pricing







Low Reflectance Window Films:

The more traditional range of window films with a charcoal, grey or black colouring giving you privacy and enhanced views day and night. Your windows become a feature with the added benefit of up to 99% UV protection for your furniture, paintings and carpets by reducing fading and deterioration caused by the sun’s harmful rays.  Low reflectance films also provide up to 70% heat rejection during our hot summers and glare reduction of up to 89%. The majority of these films are covered by lifetime manufacturer’s warranties giving you total peace of mind.


Dual Reflective Window Films:

Giving superior heat rejection during our extreme summers of up to 82%, with extremely low absorption rates which prevent the heat from radiating back into the room. These films range from providing total privacy to not even being able to see them on the glass while still providing excellent heat and UV rejection.  Films come with low interior reflectance giving a crisp clean appearance providing great visual appeal. If extreme heat is an issue higher reflective films are available to maintain a comfortable level inside your home reducing your summer cooling costs resulting in savings on electricity costs. Also reducing your carbon footprint with the installation of these films you are reducing the need to run your air conditioning as much therefore resulting in less energy being consumed.


Low E Window Films:

An affordable alternative to double glazing these films are specifically designed not only keep heat out during summer but to also reduce heat loss out through your windows during winter. The feature of these film’s is Low Emissivity which in non technical terms means this film has the ability to bounce heat back into a room rather than let it escape out through your windows. The ability to keep heat in is only found in Low E films. With total solar energy rejection of up to 77% during summer and winter heat loss reduction of up to 30% Low E film saves on your energy costs all year round. With the installation of this film you have a year round comfort balance by the reduction of hot and cold spots throughout your home.


Decorative Window Films:

Either providing total privacy in areas like front doors, bathrooms and toilets or just a decorative feature to your glass these films give you a massive range of options from simple frosting films to decorative patterned films. A low cost option to dress up your windows.  Personally designed films are also available to add that final finishing touch to your homes glass.


Safety Window Films:

A more affordable option if you are considering replacing existing standard glass with expensive safety glass in high traffic areas. Safety film is simply applied to your existing glass and comes in a variety of thicknesses leaving the glass intact after high impacts, protects you and your family by holding the glass together and without leaving dangerous glass shrouds lying around. Safety film is designed to meet Australia Safety Standards.


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